Mistborn: Secret History, by Brandon Sanderson

Not more than five minutes ago, I finished the Secret History and I have no words incredible enough to describe how I feel right now. I’m attempting to get my awe, my sadness, and my mind-blown emotions down on paper before they fade and realize I’m not able to do so. The words simply don’t exist.

So Secret History is not a novella you can just pick up and start reading. This is a companion novella to the whole Mistborn series, specifically for the original trilogy, although it contains minor spoilers through the second trilogy up to the Bands of Mourning. The novella covers a unique perspective through the original Mistborn timeline that gave us the answers to some lingering mysteries, and brought back ALL the emotions I experienced during that one late night/early morning obsessive reading session that left me sobbing in a fetal position gasping for breath.

These books are good, people. I can’t stress that enough. I absolutely love Sanderson’s work, and I feel a deep connection to his characters. I didn’t start reading his works until last year, so that is such a short time to become such a dedicated fangirl, but it’s happened.

And now there’s a void inside me I’m struggling to fill.

I need another book to devour… STAT!!!

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