Bridgerton Season Two Review

Before we jump into the review, I just wanted to remind everyone that the Book Giveaway for The Walk is still accepting submissions! This is for the full series in paperback! Be sure to sign up here if you haven’t yet.

You’ll be able to enter until Sunday, April 3rd, and the winner will be announced the following Tuesday.

Now on to the main event!

When season one of Bridgerton first aired, I wasn’t quite ready for this new series. It was somewhat groundbreaking as it was a show based on an award winning romance series by Julia Quinn that kept all the steamy parts quite steamy in the visual medium. However, the show was still built on the characters and the story, and the romantic/sexual scenes were there to serve a purpose. Although it seemed like they were no holds barred, they were not gratuitous. Season one told the love story of Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings.

However, season two told a completely different love story between Kate Sharma and the oldest Bridgerton brother, Lord Anthony Bridgerton, and I absolutely adored it. I’m aware that there are many reviewers out there that do not share my opinion, but I found this season to be brilliant. Kate and Anthony are not the same people as Daphne and Simon, and they have both had to deal with much harder responsibilities, which puts them in a different place in their lives. Although this season lacked the high number of sexual scenes that we got in season one, the longing, desire, and passion between our two lead actors was absolutely palpable. Bravo!

That isn’t to say there weren’t a few scenes that were a swing and a miss, but I do approve of the major plot point change from the book to the show. This might be a little spoilery, but did we really need another season of an arranged marriage?

Another thing that is getting a lot of hate this season is the time spent on the ‘side’ characters. No one seems to care about the drama going on with Lady Featherington and her trio of daughters, but sign me up for the Portia Saga! Like her or not, that woman is never dull. She always has a scheme or two going on, and I find it quite entertaining, whether the schemes pan out or not.

I think the attention given to the rest of the cast helped to flesh out the show quite a bit, honestly. Not every scene had to be about Kate and Anthony, otherwise, I think we might have ended up getting bored with all those glorious stares between the two. Also, with the more ‘adult’ romance this season, as well as the spot light being shared with other storylines, the show picked up a new viewer.

Now, don’t tell him I told you, but my husband found his way to the couch every time I sat down to watch an episode. He enjoys period pieces as much as I do, but I couldn’t get him near the TV during season one. However, I was quite happy to fill him in on the plot points as we watched season two together. As long as the show keeps moving in this direction, I’ll be thrilled to watch the next season with him!

Until next week (when we find out who wins the complete set of The Walk!), Happy Reading!

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