Paperback Blues

I have been busy, busy, busy this whole week, working on revisions, edits, blog posts and finally getting around to updating the paperback of After – Part One to the new version.

Sad Kitty doesn’t like doing revisions.

Yay me, I’ve been so productive… Right?

Heh… So here’s the story.

I finally buckled down last weekend and took on the daunting task of updating my paperback of AP1 on Createspace. I had been dreading doing this since before I even had the edits done, but it was time. I just couldn’t hold off any longer.

When I started, I found out that all that procrastination was pretty much well founded, because editing the paperback is SO MUCH HARDER than the digital version. Blargh!

Yet, I dove in and soldiered through it, getting the edits done in an afternoon. This time, I opted to start from scratch instead of the Createspace template. Not saying anything against the template, but I found this to be so much easier and a lot less frustrating. There were some things I was wanting to do with the book that the template just wouldn’t allow.

Once I was finished, I did have to upload the file a few times after making some minor adjustments. That included adding a blank page at the end of some of the chapters so that all new chapters would start on the right-hand page. I had read that some book publishers do that and I thought, ‘Why the hell not?’

What I didn’t account for was me being an idiot. I should have some alarm set someplace for myself to just slow my ass down when I start to rush things. This is now, and pretty much always been, my biggest downfall, and it happens far to often.

Brilliant me didn’t think to go back and check the Table of Contents after I had made my page adjustments. So I get the ‘proof’ in the mail today–and I say ‘proof’ because it’s not a proof, it’s the live version because I’m just that errantly bold–and only happened to check the TOC as an afterthought.

Oh, Debra… When will you learn?

So the TOC is all jacked up. This is clearly my fault because I knew better. The other issue I have with the book is the cover. This I didn’t think I would have to redo because I only changed a few things but apparently a few pages does make a difference. The text on the spine is no longer centered.

Other than those 2 cosmetic problems, the new version is BEAUTIFUL! I love it! I adjusted the font a little and was quite happy with the other adjustments I made to the book.

The best part of it all is, I added the deleted scenes to the back! Woohoo! Now I have to go back and do that for the digital versions, but I’ll be putting that off for awhile. I only have time for so much right now and that doesn’t really fall high on my priority list. The digital version aside, I’ll probably get the the revision to the revision uploaded for the paperback this weekend, though. I think that’s pretty important.

And where do I stand on the subject of AP2? I’ll let Harry Zidler tell you.

Yeah, that’s right! October is still looking good for the release. Now that the beast of Amarillo is out of the way, the edits are going so smooth and I feel like I’m flying through everything. I won’t hold my breath though. I know that can change in a heartbeat. It’s funny how I can clear 2 scenes in a day, then get stuck on one scene for a week. I just never know what’s going to happen.

That’s all I have for you this week. Be sure to check back next week because I’m already working on some more exciting news for everyone!

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