That Time Of Year Again Already??

Wow. Just like that, we’re through another year. At least this past year was much calmer than the previous. We didn’t buy a new house, new car, new hip. I think it was pretty average as years go. Let’s review…

So, I didn’t really set out a lot of goals for myself. There was a vague lose weight/work out goal I set, so I’d like to talk about that one first.

As for a lot of people, I struggled with weight loss for the past decade, and I’ve never been one to work out on a regular basis. Even when I was thin, I was skinny fat. Now, I don’t want to sound like a spokes person or anything, but last year for Christmas, I got myself a fitbit. It was a little Flex that did nothing but track steps, but when I linked the app to MyFitnessPal, something clicked inside my brain.

I had always thought the way to lose weight before was limiting myself to 1200 cals a day, or a 20 carbs a day keto diet, both of which worked for me for short periods of time, but strongly restricted my eating habits. I think my longest jaunt on one of those diets was maybe 3 months. All the weight I lost, I gained right back after I fell off the wagon. Sad days.

The fitbit app was the first I’d come across that measures all your daily calories. Based on age/weight/height/gender, it showed me how many calories I’d burn on a day, even if I laid in bed all day long. Apparently my body burns around 1400 cals a day if I didn’t move a single muscle. For some reason, seeing that against the calories I was consuming, it helped me finally realize the whole Calories In vs Calories Out. Of course I’d heard that phrase before, it seemed reasonable, but I had never actually seen it in action. I started eating 1500 cals a day even though I was only burning 1700/1800 a day (I did not work out,) and the weight slowly started coming off.

And then I understood.

Face Gains! Left 2014 Christmas Eve,
Right, 2015 Christmas Eve.
Total lost 30lbs.

Now, I haven’t dropped a ton of weight, but 30 lbs in a year isn’t bad. I didn’t put a lot of restrictions on my diet other than calories, so I was able to stick with it. For the past few months, I’ve only been maintaining my current weight due to the holidays. I wasn’t planning on really chowing down until Thanksgiving, but then my son brought back one hell of a haul on Halloween. I figured one Butterfinger wouldn’t be horrible, but no… I unleashed the dogs of war on that candy dish… NOM NOM NOM. Worked off those extra lbs by Thanksgiving, and then… Well, yeah. It was Thanksgiving.

Anyway, I’m back on track now and pretty much have been through December. It’s been a long process, but that time was going to pass anyway. My health needed it. I’m hoping that once I get closer to my goal weight, my blood pressure will sink back to normal levels without the need of medication, since even my new medication is messing with me.

Also, one very important thing I want to point out about my journey and my take on dieting. It was my journey, and your mileage will vary. Every diet plan out there technically will help a person lose weight, but you have to find the right one that fits you.We are all different people, and we can’t all approach things the same way.

So, new resolution for this upcoming year? Lose more weight/work out more. I am working out now. I actually started jogging in October and now that it’s colder, working out with Jillian Micheals 30 day Shred. Oh so fun those are, (not) but I rarely miss a day. I hate it while I’m in the middle of it, but love the changes I can visibly see in such a short time. My goal is just to keep that up. Also, the whole burning more calories a day so I can eat more food is not a bad thing either!

Now, I honestly didn’t think my little tangent was going to take up so much space. I have more things I want to talk about and review from last year, but not sure I want to have what happened to Martin happen to me. I also don’t have near as much to talk about as Martin, but I think it’s worth splitting these up in a few posts for the week.

I shall return!

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